Changes and Special Circumstances

You may be eligible for additional financial aid if there has been a change in your financial circumstances that was not reported on your initial aid application. Such changes may affect the calculation of your expected contribution towards college costs. Typical examples of changes include significant reductions in reported income, unreimbursed medical expenses, loss of employment, a serious illness or the death of a parent or spouse.

If you would like to request a recalculation of your expected contribution based on a correction, change, or special circumstance, you must complete the Changes to Reported Information Form on the Applications and Forms page and submit any supporting documentation that is requested in the form. Complete requests that include the necessary supporting documentation will be reviewed within a week and decisions will be communicated promptly.

In some cases, you may have extraordinary expenses that can be added to the standard educational cost of attendance used to determine your financial aid award. Typical examples include the documented costs of childcare, or student health insurance premiums. Students with disabilities may have special expenses related to their health care or living arrangements that can be recognized in calculating their need for assistance. Contact our office for further information.