Undergraduate Summer

Financial Aid for Undergraduates in the Summer Terms

Georgetown is expanding need-based financial aid funding for undergraduates who enroll in classes over the summer terms.  With a few exceptions noted below, Georgetown will “meet the full demonstrated need” of eligible undergraduates enrolled in the summer term with a combination of federal, University, externally sponsored, and other financial assistance.  Scroll down to learn more about the restrictions on summer aid eligibility posted below.

Undergraduates must demonstrate sufficient financial need, and should be enrolled for the summer terms at Georgetown for a minimum of 6 credits, including credits received when enrolled in a summer study abroad program through the Office of Global Education (OGE). Scroll down to learn more about the restrictions on summer aid eligibility posted below.

Common Q&As About Summer Aid Eligibility:

Need-based aid will be available for eligible students enrolled at Georgetown in summer terms for tuition expenses, and to meet the average costs for housing, meals, books, travel, and personal expenses while enrolled during the summer period.  

Under federal regulations you are not eligible for federal financial aid funding in summer terms if you enroll for less than 6 credits. Georgetown scholarship may be offered to some students enrolled in summer terms for less than 6 credits if the summer coursework is required to complete an undergraduate degree or in other special circumstances as will be determined on a case-by-case basis. 

You may be eligible for Federal Work-Study (FWS) funding – if you will be enrolled as a continuing undergraduate in the following Fall term – but not for federal loans or Georgetown scholarships.  

If you have your non-Georgetown institution complete a “financial aid consortium agreement”, then you may be eligible for federal financial aid funding to attend that institution, but you will not be eligible for Georgetown scholarship while you are enrolled at another institution.

Visiting summer students who are not degree candidates at Georgetown University are not eligible to receive need-based financial aid from Georgetown, but you can apply for limited scholarship assistance directly from the Georgetown Summer School.

How to Apply for financial aid for Summer Terms

STEP 1- You must have already submitted a complete financial aid application for the current academic year – or you can submit one now.

If you have already completed the necessary forms to apply for financial aid for the current academic year then we already have the information we need to assess your eligibility for need-based aid in the summer terms.  You can move on to Step 2 below. 

If you have not already completed financial aid applications for the current academic year then you must complete them now to apply for financial aid for the summer terms. If you are not sure whether you have already completed these requirements for the current year, check the financial aid tab in your MyAccess or contact the OSFS.

STEP 2- You must complete a Georgetown “Summer Plans Survey” in GU Experience

The survey will collect information about your enrollment plans for the summer terms so that we can assess your eligibility for need-based financial assistance. To access the summer survey: Login to GU Experience, click “Personal Information” box, next click “Answer a Survey“. Select the “2023-2024 Undergraduate Summer Financial Aid Application“. Please carefully answer each survey question about your summer enrollment plans.

The OSFS will begin reviewing completed summer need-based aid applications in mid-February.

Students Interested in Applying Summer FWS (not enrolled in summer classes)

If you are not enrolling in summer classes, and you are a continuing undergraduate student for the Fall 2024 semester, you can apply for a summer FWS award. The summer FWS application form will be available on the Student Employment Office website under the “Georgetown Students” section mid-April.