Next Steps After Receiving Your Financial Aid Notification Graduate

Step 1: Review Your Award in MyAccess

Your financial aid award will be available for viewing in MyAccess under the “Financial Services” tab, where you accept, reduce, or decline components of your financial aid award. Financial aid that stays in an “offered” status will not appear on your billing statement.

Note that any change in your enrollment, including the adding and dropping of courses, may affect your eligibility for financial aid. Contact us if your enrollment changes. 

Step 2: Report Your Outside Scholarships

Outside scholarships and resources include private scholarships, non-Georgetown tuition benefits, and veteran benefits. Under federal law and university policy, we must consider these resources and may be required to revise your financial aid award. 

You must report all outside scholarships through MyAccess by going to “Award Information,” then to “Resources/Additional Information.” You can view this step-by-step guide for more details. Our office also provides information to assist you in searching for outside scholarships.

If you wish to request verification of need, enrollment, or cost of attendance, you can write to the attention of the External Scholarship Program in the OSFS or fax to the External Scholarship Program’s attention at (202) 687.6542.

If your scholarship is being sent to Georgetown, please note this in the comments section in MyAccess and use this address:

Student Employment Office
3520 Prospect St, NW
Suite 304, Box 571252
Washington, DC 20057

If you need an official invoice from the university for your outside award to be disbursed, you must send a written request to the Office of Revenue and Receivables. The office will then bill your sponsor.

Step 3: Complete Your Student Loan Requirements

If you accept your Federal Direct Loans in MyAccess and are a first-time borrower at Georgetown, you will need to complete the following applicable loan requirements:

Unsubsidized Loan

Graduate PLUS Loan

Step 4: Review Your Bill

You can view your bill by clicking “Student Account Services” after logging into MyAccess. If you have any questions about paying your bill, setting up a payment plan, or accessing your refund, contact the Office of Revenue and Receivables

You will be notified by email when a billing statement has been issued. Bills are generally issued in mid-June and mid-November. If you accepted your financial aid and completed the applicable loan requirements in MyAccess those amounts will appear on your billing statement as memo credits until actual funds are disbursed and it will reduce the amount that you must pay. 

If the amount of financial aid you received is greater than the charges on your bill, you may be eligible for a refund. For information on how to set up a refund profile and request a refund, refer to the Office Revenue and Receivables’ website. 

Step 5: Waive or Accept Your Student Health Insurance

If you are enrolled in eight or more credit hours, Georgetown requires you to have adequate health insurance. The Georgetown University Premier Plan will be automatically charged to your billing statement. You must complete the Student Health Insurance Survey if you choose to waive the Health Insurance. 

Step 6: Seek On/Off-Campus Employment

You can help support your education and gain valuable work experience by working part-time during the academic year and full time during the summer. 

Learn more about working at Georgetown and the opportunities available to you.