Understanding your Financial Aid Adjustment

Our mission in the Georgetown University Office of Student Financial Services (Financial Aid) is to help students obtain the financial aid and/or financing options they require to attend college. We’ve all been challenged by the rapid-fire changes the pandemic has thrust upon us, and we understand the anxiety that many feel as they struggle to “plan” for how to afford to attend college this Fall 2020.

We encourage families that have experience a reduction in income due to the current pandemic, to submit a request for reconsideration of aid by completing the Estimated Change to 2020 Income form. We are actively reviewing and adjusting aid for requests that have been submitted. We ask for your patience as we review the many requests received. Your financial aid counselor will contact you with the results. Read more about changes and special circumstances.

Your Financial Aid MyAccess account will have important information about the parameters used to assess your financial aid eligibility at this time. Changing parameters change aid eligibility.  For example, a 10% reduction in tuition costs and a similar reduction in the costs of studying remotely will lower your overall cost of attendance. If your cost of attendance is reduced, your aid may be adjusted accordingly.