Common Financial Aid Questions for Graduate Online NHS 

► How Do I apply for financial aid?

You must complete the latest FAFSA and select the 001445 school code.

► How much does tuition cost per credit hour?

The cost per credit hour for semesters that start after July 1, 2017 will be $1,995.

► Does this program offer scholarships? 

Unfortunately, the Graduate Online NHS program does not offer scholarships.

► Where can i see my tuition balance on MyAccess? 

The "Student Account" section of MyAccess will display the tuition balance. 

► How long after submitting the Student Aid Release form will it take to update to "Complete"? MyAccess still says "Requested"? 

Please allow 3-4 business days for processing. Note: Submitting the Student Aid Release form electronically does not generate a confirmation screen. If you are unsure if your submission was successful, please email the Student Aid Release form directly to

► How many semester is my financial aid award for?

The initial financial aid award package will be set for your first two semesters. Additional financial aid for your third semester will be added to your initial award package near the end of your second semester if wanted. There will be opportunities to apply for further assistance as you progress through the program.

► My financial aid award letter mentions "Period 1" and "Period 2". What does this mean?

A period correlates to semesters. Period 1 is your first semester and period 2 is your second semester.

► Can I reduce my requested loan amount? 

Yes, if you accept your loans for a certain amount and change your mind later, please contact John Mutarelli. The amount can be adjusted up to 120 days from the time of disbursement.

► I see the total I owe in MyAccess, but is there a place to see a breakdown of tuition and fees?

A personal breakdown may not be available in MyAccess, but a general breakdown of tuition and fees can be found on the Office of Billing and Payment Services website

► If I am expecting reimbursement from my employer after I complete a course, have out of pocket expenses and loans, how does all that fit together?

The funding that comes in first, whether it is loan funding or tuition reimbursement, will be applied to your tuition charges. Any funding that comes in that is above and beyond your tuition charges will be available to you in the form of a refund from the Office of Billing and Payment Services.

► I've signed my MPN for the Graduate PLUS Loan three times, but it is still showing that I need to complete it in MyAccess

This likely indicates you need to complete the Credit Authorization. GU will not receive the MPN for the Grad Plus loan until after the Credit Authorization is completed. You can find the Credit Authorization by clicking "Request a Direct Plus Loan" at

► Will I be able to increase/decrease my Graduate PLUS Loan in the second period if need be?

You will be able to decrease your loan amount after the semester starts. Increasing it will depend on where you are in terms of your Cost of Attendance as it relates to how much funding you have already borrowed. Contact John Mutarelli for details.

► Will all the money initially go to GU? If so, do I have to request a refund to receive the money?

Yes, all funds are disbursed directly to GU. You may request a refund of funds exceeding your cost of tuition and fees by accessing the student account section of MyAccess.

► Do I have to pay the deposit prior to viewing my financial aid award?

No, you do not have to pay the deposit in order to view your award.

► Are the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan annually capped at $20,500 or just for every two semesters?

GU utilizes a Borrower Based Academic Year for this program. Therefore, students who are otherwise eligible, will in most cases, receive approximately $10,250 in Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan eligibility each semester. Please note: individual aggregate loan limits will vary. For more information regarding individual aggregate loan amounts, please visit