Accept Aid

To accept the assistance offered in your financial aid award letter, first log in to your MyAccess account through the Georgetown website.

Click the link that says “Financial Aid”, then click “Award Information” and, if prompted, select the academic year for which you wish to view your award.

The “Award Overview” tab will show your award letter, the “Resources/Additional Information” tab is where you will report other aid, and the “Accept Award Offer” tab allows you to accept or decline aid you have been offered. You must complete all of the applicable sections on the Outside Resources Form found on the “Resources/Additional Information” tab, and you must comply with the following conditions: 

Report Other Aid

If you receive assistance not already included in your financial aid award letter, you must report the amount and type of assistance to the OSFS. This is required by federal law and university policy.

You must report any resources that will be available to meet your educational expenses, including but not limited to merit-based aid from Georgetown graduate programs, veterans’ benefits, employee assistance or tuition benefits, vocational rehabilitation benefits, payments from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, grants from state agencies and/or grants/awards/scholarships from private sponsors.

If you are offered assistance after you have already accepted a financial aid award offer from our office, you must report the type and amount by sending a copy of the outside resource notice to the OSFS.

Aid Cannot Exceed Need

If your original aid package met your need and you receive additional financial assistance from any source your aid package will be revised. If your entire financial need was not met with the original aid package, your eligibility for aid previously offered should not be affected.

Report Changes in Your Enrollment Status

If you are receiving federal financial aid or a private educational loan and you change the number of credit hours for which you are enrolled, you must notify the OSFS.