Policies on Outside Scholarships

Students must report all expected outside resources, including scholarships, grants, fellowships, tuition benefits, veteran benefits or any other type of financial resources to the Office of Student Financial Services (OSFS). This is done via your MyAccess account. Click Here for instructions on how to report your outside scholarships in MyAccess+.

Under federal law and university policy, Georgetown must consider outside resources when deciding what other aid or loans you may be eligible to receive. Outside awards may reduce your eligibility for other financial aid or loans.

Under NCAA rules, athletes must report the reason for their external awards -- whether given based on athletic ability or given based on some other criteria such as academic merit or interest, non-athletic talent, ethnicity, residency, employment affiliation, etc. 

Verification of Need, Enrollment or Cost of Attendance

Requests for verification of need, enrollment or cost of attendance can be sent to the attention of the assistant director for External Scholarship Programs in the OSFS, Room G-19 Healy Hall, Georgetown Box 571252 or faxed to the assistant director's attention at (202) 687.6542.

impact of Outside Scholarships on financial Aid Awards


Your outside awards will be used to reduce or eliminate your student loan or employment awards before any adjustment is made to your Georgetown scholarship. Entitlement payments such as Federal Pell Grants, Georgetown tuition benefits or veteran benefits replace Georgetown scholarships on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

Students can contact their counselors in the OSFS to discuss how outside or entitlement awards might impact their financial aid package.

Graduate Students

Your total aid, loan and outside resources may not exceed your total cost of attendance. You may not accept multiple awards that duplicate coverage of your tuition or fees or other educational expenses.  

Reporting and Payment of Outside Scholarships

  • If your outside scholarship(s) will be sent to Georgetown, you must log in to your MyAccess to report the amount you expect to receive
  • If your outside scholarship(s) will be sent directly to you, when logging in to your MyAccess to report the amount you expect to receive, you should note this in the "comments" section
  • Federal regulations require us to apply one-half of the total annual outside scholarship will be applied each semester to your student billing account unless otherwise directed by either you or your sponsor's written instructions. 

Third Party Billings and Contracts

If your outside sponsor can't disburse your award without first having an official invoice from the university, then you must send a written request for an invoice to the Office of Billing and Payment Services , and they will bill your sponsor. 

On occassion, outside scholarship payments get set up as contracts by the Office of of Billing and Payment Services. If you will be receiving an outside scholarship that will be set up as a contract, please  contact your counselor to let them know.