Women's Health NP Program

Graduate Nursing Online - 2016-17 Cost of Attendance for Semesters 1-2

Example: Total Cost of Attendance Budget (Semesters 1 & 2 Only) - Half Time
Direct Expenses 1  
Tuition and Mandatory Fees 2 $28,940
Indirect Expenses 1  
Average Living Expenses $16,000
Average Books $2,250
Average Travel $1,400
Subtotal (Indirect Expenses) $19,650
Total Cost of Attendance 3 (Direct Costs plus Indirect Costs) $48,590

1 Direct expenses are charges that students will see on their bill from the Office of Billing and Payment Services. Indirect expenses are average costs that a student may potentially incur outside of university expenses. Students may finance just the direct expenses or may opt to borrow to cover all or a portion of the indirect expenses as well.

2 The Tuition and Mandatory Fees figure is based on half time enrollment for the first two terms only of this program. Half time students are projected to graduate after 7 half time terms unless otherwise noted by your department. Tuition Costs $1,928 per credit hour + $10 per semester Student Activities Fees.

3 If a student enrolls for less than half time in any semester, their average cost of attendance budget will be revised to reflect the actual cost of their revised enrollment and their eligibility for student financial aid will be recalculated.