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The Georgetown Scholarship Program was founded in 2004. Since then, it has been a vehicle for both financial aid and programmatic support for over 460 students.  By receiving a 1789 Scholarship, a student is admitted into the Georgetown Scholarship Program, where they have access to a vast alumni network, career and academic help, mentorship programs, and campus support.

GSP & 1789 Scholarships: Quick Facts

  • All funds raised through the 1789 Scholarship Imperative provide financial aid awards to students through the Georgetown Scholarship Program
  • The 1789 Scholarship Imperative seeks to raise over $500 million for scholarships by 2014. To learn more and to contribute, click here.
  • The average demonstrated need of a GSP recipient is $45,000.
  • GSP awards students an annual $3,000 in loan relief as well as an average of $22,000 towards the student’s annual GU scholarship, effectively functioning as university budget relief
  • All GSP awards are 100% funded through alumni and supporter donations

For more information about the Georgetown Scholarship Program, please visit our website: