Common $ense

Your money, Your future

Common Sense: Your money, Your future strives to empower students with a set of skills and knowledge that allows them to make informed and effective decisions, so that they do not feel limited by their finances as college students.  While in the past the program consisted of a series of 5 events that took place during the Spring semester, the program was successfully expanded into a full-year (one workshop a month during the academic year) financial literacy series in Fall 2011.

What began as a pilot financial literacy series in 2006, ¢ommon $ense: Your money, Your Future, has transformed into Georgetown University's premier financial literacy program.  Sponsored by The George R. Houston Memorial Fund, the Office of Student Financial Services, and the Georgetown University Alumni & Student Federal Credit Union (GUASFCU), ¢ommon $ense is an initiative that seeks out professors in the business school, financial literacy experts, and local alumni to develop engaging and informative workshops on topics such as budgeting, credit and debt management, loans, investing, taxes, etc. 

Read The Hoya's article about ¢ommon $ense titled, "Talk Target Financial Illiteracy" from March of 2011. 

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